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D fuse-links gG , 500 to 690VAC/500VDC

Catalog & Item Numbers

Size NDZ gG

NDZGG50V2 W212539
NDZGG50V4 G213055
NDZGG50V6 C213557
NDZGG50V10 B214062
NDZGG50V16 J214575
NDZGG50V20 Q215087
NDZGG50V25 Q215593

Size DII gG

DIIGG50V2 Z219718
DIIGG50V4 G222163
DIIGG50V6 B222917
DIIGG50V10 K200707
DIIGG50V16 K201765
DIIGG50V20 A211508
DIIGG50V25 X212540

Size DIII gG

DIIIGG50V32 M229091
DIIIGG50V35 C214063
DIIIGG50V50 K214576
DIIIGG50V63 R215088

Size DIII gG 690VAC

DIIIGG69V2 R215594
DIIIGG69V4 Z216107
DIIIGG69V6 W216610
DIIIGG69V10 H217127
DIIIGG69V16 N217638
DIIIGG69V20 W218151
DIIIGG69V25 H218668
DIIIGG69V35 X219187
DIIIGG69V50 A219719
DIIIGG69V63 H222164

Size DIV gG

DIVGG50V80 V216609
DIVGG50V100 M217637

Size DIV gG

DVGG50V125 V218150
DVGG50V160 G218667
DVGG50V200 W219186

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D fuse-links gG , 500 to 690VAC/500VDC
D fuse-links gG , 500 to 690VAC/500VDC
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