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Shark® 200 Veri Kaydı Güç ve Enerji Ölçüm Cihazı


Shark® 200 Data Logging Power and Energy Meter

The Shark® 200 power and energy meter is a low cost, powerful metering solution for large scale deployment within an electrical distribution system. Add high accuracy, data logging, power quality functionality, extensive communication, and I/O to existing or new power meter applications.

  • High Accuracy Revenue Metering
  • Power Quality Monitoring
  • Extensive Communication Options
  • Data Logging
  • Expandable I/O
  • Built for High Reliability and Ease of Use
  • V-Switch™ Key Upgrades
  • Applications

High Accuracy Revenue Metering

  • ANSI C12.20 0.2 CL and IEC 61850 0.2S Class accuracy certification for energy measurements.
  • 0.007 Hz measurement for frequency control applications.
  • Verify accuracy using standard energy test pulse.
  • Compensate for Transformer Line Loss and CT/PT errors.
  • Meets New York state PSC approval for submetering.

Power Quality Monitoring

  • Record waveforms at up to 512 samples per cycle.
  • Up to 170 events stored before rollover.
  • View real time voltage and current waveforms.
  • Monitor THD and record harmonic magnitudes to the 40th order.
  • Program up to eight limits for alarm and control applications.

Extensive Communication Options

  • Standard IrDA port for configuration and direct data download.
  • Standard RS485 port.
  • Modbus ASCII/RTU/TCP, DNP3, and IEC 61850 protocols.
  • Up to two Ethernet and IEC 61850 ports with independent IP addresses/email on alarm/data push/embedded web servers/IP whitelisting.

Data Logging

  • Three independently programmable historical trending logs.
  • Record 64+ parameters per log.
  • I/O log, System Events anti-tampering log, Limit Alarm log.

Expandable I/O

  • Optional communication and I/O can be installed in the factory or added in the field.
  • The meter can accept up to two communication or I/O cards.
  • Expandable communication option cards are:
    • 100BaseT Ethernet (INP100S).
    • IEC 61850 protocol Ethernet (INP300S).
  • Expandable I/O option cards are:
    • Four pulse outputs, four status inputs (PO1S).
    • Two relay outputs/two status inputs (RO1S).
    • Four channel, bi-directional 0-1mA outputs (1mAOS).
    • Four channel 4-20 mA outputs (20mAOS).

Built for High Reliability and Ease of Use

  • Ruggedly designed to withstand harsh electrical environments.
    • Industrial grade components.
    • Designed to the highest surge withstand and transient standards.
    • Detailed circuit board testing and automation to ensure 100% reliability.
  • Bright-red, three 0.56” line LED display for easy meter reading in any environment.
  • Short-circuit safe current inputs with dual input method.
    • Rugged termination pass-through bars.
    • CT leads can also pass through with no termination on the meter.
    • CT connections will not open in a fault condition.

V-Switch™ Key Upgrades

  • Upgrade meter capabilities in the field.
  • Six V-Switch™ keys advance the meter from simple to enhanced capabilities.


  • Utility Metering.
  • Commercial Metering.
  • Substation Metering.
  • Industrial Metering.
  • Power Generation.
  • Campus Metering.
  • Submetering.
  • Analog Meter Replacement.
  • Power Quality Studies.
  • Disturbance Recording.
  • Load Studies.
  • Voltage Recording.
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