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Nexus® 1450 Çok Bağlantı Noktalı İletişimli Siber Güvenli Güç Kalitesi Ölçüm Cihazı


Electro Industries’ Nexus® 1450 meter is a powerful power quality meter that provides accurate electrical energy measurements. It offers advanced capabilities for power quality analysis and determining electrical power reliability. The meter is a transducer base with a separate display. The transducer base retrofits to existing Electro Industries’ Nexus® 1250 and 1252 meters. The Nexus® 1450 meter is ideal for existing switchboard panels since it can be installed without cutting panel doors. The separate display mounts into existing analog meter knockouts.

  • Multi-Gain™ Sensing Provides Superior Accuracy
  • Advanced Energy Meter
  • Power Quality Monitoring and Analysis
  • Advanced HTML5-based Web Server
  • Resilient Cyber Security™
  • Built-in CORE™ Log
  • Advanced Communication and I/O
  • IEC 61850 Protocol Server
  • IEC 61850 GOOSE Messaging and Distributed Fault Recording
  • Direct Retrofit with Advanced Remote Displays

Multi-Gain™ Sensing Provides Superior Accuracy
EIG’s Latest Measurement Sensing Technology

  • Patented technology provides 0.06% energy accuracy throughout extended measurement range, from start up to full scale.
  • Multi-Gain™ technology uses two sensors on the current inputs to determine the optimal sensing circuit for the highest accuracy measurement.
  • Standard pickup range starts as low as 1 mA – high accuracy is attained at 25 mA.
  • Multi-Gain™ metrology enables one meter to be used on both 5 A and 1 A secondary CTs.
  • The meter should maintain high accuracy measurement throughout its installed life.
  • The meter meets ANSI C12.20 0.1 and IEC 62053-22 0.2S accuracy classes.

Advanced Energy Meter
Supports Primary Metering Load Requirements

  • Full 4 quadrant metering, max/min recording with timestamp.
  • Perpetual Time of Use.
  • Transformer line loss compensation and CT/PT compensation.
  • Coincidental readings.
  • Load aggregation/universal metering.
  • Extensive logging with 8 logs of programmable historical profiles.

Power Quality Monitoring and Analysis
Save Money by Improving Reliability

  • Certified to the highest international power quality standard – IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Ed. 3.
  • Analyze power system health to reduce downtime.
  • Collect power factor per circuit to correct worst scenarios.
  • Monitor harmonics to assess the impact on equipment.
  • Measure flicker and generate weekly EN 50160 power quality reports.
  • Record waveforms at 1024 samples/cycle.
  • Provides PQ reliability indices, including CBEMA and SEMI F47.

Advanced HTML5-based Web Server
Provides Waveform Analysis over the Internet

  • Provides energy dashboard with real time voltage and current readings, detailed charts of energy usage over time, quadrant energy charts, and trending.
  • Displays waveform event records and allows zoom and pan and overlay of voltage and current waveforms.
  • Displays symmetrical components, phasor diagrams, flicker readings, status of high-speed digital inputs, and detailed information for accumulators and aggregators.
  • Supplies meter and diagnostic information for meter health and status and enables firmware upgrade.
  • Supports IEC 61850 file management.

Resilient Cyber Security™
Prevent Attacks on Your Power System Data

  • Highly secure, 32 complex character passwords with 128-bit AES encryption.
  • Password fail timeouts virtually eliminate brute-force hacking.
  • An Admin and 10 customizable users.
  • Four roles with customized user permissions.
  • Sealing switch and physical seals prevent remote hacking or tampering.

Built-in CORE™ Log
Automatically Stores Meter Readings

  • The meter uniquely uses an internal SQL database that automatically logs metering parameters.
  • 142 metering parameters are logged at regular intervals.
  • The CORE™ log ensures that most metering parameters are already logged – the meter provides data without a complex configuration process.

Advanced Communication and I/O
Six Standard, Simultaneous Communication Ports

  • Up to 32 simultaneous protocol connections.
  • 4 independent serial ports – 3 RS485 and 1 RS485/RS232 selectable.
  • 2 independent Ethernet ports – RJ45 and Fiber Optic, with separate IP addresses, advanced port control, encrypted email on alarm, web server, and DHCP.
  • Communication protocols include Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Modbus TCP/IP, DNP3 Level 2, IEC 61850, IEC 61850 GOOSE, SMTP, SNTP.
  • RS485 ports support RTU Master.
  • 8 built-in digital status inputs, 2 standard pulse outputs.
  • Multiple external I/O modules are available: digital and analog outputs, digital inputs, digital relay outputs, digital solid state pulse outputs.
  • Up to 256 total points of I/O.

IEC 61850 Protocol Server
Supports Substation Automation

  • IEC 61850 Edition 2.
  • Either Ethernet port can be configured as an IEC 61850 protocol server.
  • Up to 6 simultaneous MMS clients.
  • Buffered and unbuffered reports.
  • Multiple pre-programmed logical nodes for power and energy values, power quality, and high-speed digital inputs.
  • Web server supports downloading and uploading of CID files.

IEC 61850 GOOSE Messaging and Distributed Fault Recording
GOOSE Cross Trigger Waveform Recording

  • Unique distributed disturbance recording analysis improves substation reliability.
  • Up to 16 user-programmed conditions to trigger system-wide waveform capture.
  • Enables analysis of power quality events across the power system.

Direct Retrofit with Advanced Remote Displays
Replace Older Meters without Panel Modification or Recertification

  • Transducer/remote display direct retrofit to older Nexus® 1252 meters makes installation cost effective.
  • Remote displays retrofit to ANSI cutouts, so meter can be mounted in back of panel.
  • P70N color touchscreen LCD display offers multiple pre-configured screens.
  • P40N+ LED display can act as a master to P41N+ Ampere and P43N+ Power displays, providing 3 panel displays on one connection powered by the meter. This is ideal for substation and power plant applications.
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