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Nexus® 1500+ Muhafaza Panosu

EIG’s Nexus® 1500+ meter in enclosure lets you expand your switchgear capability without an expensive and time-consuming redesign. Mount and wire the meter enclosure next to your switchgear and you are ready to go, with no downtime at all! This is a perfect solution for a retrofit when there is no metering compartment available.

The meter comes standard with a NEMA 1 indoor enclosure and is factory wired with the meter installed. Standard equipment includes voltage fuses, a shorting block for current inputs, and a control power transformer if used with 277/480 Volt power systems. It is offered in four models:

  • 277/480 V AC line powered enclosure (comes equipped with a control power transformer).
  • (120-240) V AC/DC line powered enclosure.
  • (18-60) V DC external powered enclosure.
  • (120-240) V AC/DC external powered enclosure.

Pre-wired Enclosure

  • Save on installation time and labor costs.
  • Prevent wiring errors that can cause incorrect data.
  • Ensure safety with fused voltage inputs.
  • Supports line powered or external powered configurations.
Nexus<span >®</span> 1500+ Meter in Enclosure

Easy Installation

  • Extend switchgear capability quickly with solid metal UL listed NEMA 1X meter enclosure.
  • Retrofit existing equipment.
  • Prevent tampering with lockable enclosure.
  • Easily access meter’s touchscreen display from front panel.
Nexus<span >®</span> 1500+ Meter in Enclosure
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