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Nexus® 1272 Otomatik Kalibrasyonlanabilir Güç Kalite Ölçer


Nexus® 1272 Auto-Calibrating Revenue Energy Meter with Power Quality

The Nexus® 1272 revenue energy meter combines EIG’s performance enhancing technology in an affordable socket-based meter that meets and exceeds the needs of virtually all utility or industrial metering and analysis applications. This unit specifically meets the sophisticated standards required by utility companies and deregulated power providers for advanced revenue metering, control, and power quality.


  • Advanced Measurement
  • Advanced Communication
  • Extensive I/O
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Supported Meter Forms
  • Applications

Advanced Measurement
Designed for Demanding Smart Grid and Intelligent Substation Applications

  • Accu-Measure auto-calibrating metrology.
  • Energy and power accuracy to within 0.6%.
  • Time of Use.
  • Transformer Line Loss and CT/PT compensation.
  • Load aggregation/universal metering.
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