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MeterManagerPQA® Sayaç Veri Yönetim Yazılımı


MeterManagerPQA® Meter Data Management Software

MeterManagerPQA® is a meter data management software that runs in conjunction with the CommunicatorPQA® application as an automated service on a computer. It functions as an automation engine to manage meters for users.
It consists of 5 main components:

  1. Automated Meter Network Connection – The software automatically finds meters on a network by scanning configurable IP address ranges.
  2. Organizes Meters into Groups – Group meters by location, type, download interval, name or any other desired method. View an installed base of meters as a unified group that can be managed easily and quickly.
  3. App Launcher – Launch into any apps associated with that meter, such as the CommunicatorPQA® application, Log Viewer, EnergyReporter Viewer, etc.
  4. Multi-threaded Data Collector – The software architecture is designed as a multi-threading application running as a service, so that data is collected system-wide and automatically stored, while running in the background of the PC.
  5. Automatic Meter Report Generator – Generate customized reports and send them out to users on programmed intervals.
  6. Provides Meter Integrity Analytics – Scans meters for poor connection quality, checks for faulty installations, such as reverse CTs, and performs firmware data management.

Automation Means Data is Always Stored and Available for Analysis

With MeterManagerPQA® meter data management software, data is automatically stored and always available for easy viewing by simply clicking the desired app. The benefits include:

  1. Automation Means Fast Learning Curve – Get useful data analysis without becoming a software systems expert.
  2. Meter Health Scans – Automatically scans fleet of installed meters periodically, to check that they are online, functional, and installed properly.
  3. Automated Email Status Reporting – Automatically receive emails if a meter is dropped, or a network connection is lost, so issues can be resolved quickly without losing data.
  4. Diagnostic Reporting Tools – The system produces error logs, status logs and many other diagnostic tools for forensic analysis of the complete system’s integrity.
  5. Next Generation View towards Metering – MeterManagerPQA® meter data management software does all the work for a user, so that the user simply connects the meters and analyzes the collected data.

MeterManagerPQA®’s Meter Data Management Software Smart Meter Analytics™

MeterManagerPQA® meter data management software has a new feature that runs diagnostics on installed meters, giving the software the ability to warn you of possible meter problems. This lets you be proactive in preventing problems from escalating.

The application automatically performs meter validation of all your meters. MeterManagerPQA® meter data management verifies that meters are online, and displays that information in the main Meter List screen. This lets you easily see any meters that are offline, so that you can quickly address the communication problem.

The application is also able to check that meter wiring is correct. If problems are found with the wiring, they are viewable both in the main Meter List screen and in a new Problem Issues screen, which displays information detailing the potential problem.

  • Easily identify meters that are offline.
  • View installation issues automatically, such as reverse wiring, failed voltage inputs, etc.
  • View warnings and meter problems both on the Meter List screen and in a special Problem Issues
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