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Accessories for AX


The comprehensive range of accessories for all applications. Flexibility, ease of assembly and safety tailored to the new compact enclosure AX.

Base/plinth system AX

Base/plinth system AX The large opening in the base/plinth corner piece enables it to be screw-fastened to the enclosure directly from the front. The clip-in trim panels allow simple, fast access to the base/plinth for individual use, e.g. as a cable chamber.


Base Accessories for the enclosure base offer flexible base configuration options and also support the transportation and stabilisation of enclosures. Levelling feet, castors and transport accessories, gland plates, system dividers, stabilisers and mounting...

Baying system

Baying system Whether you are transporting fully configured bayed enclosure suites, or assembling individual units on site, we have the right solution for every baying situation in enclosure manufacturing: Baying connectors, baying seals, covers for baying gaps.

Viewing windows and operating panels

Viewing windows and operating panels Displays, buttons, switches and other control instruments are protected from dust, liquids and unauthorised access in a high-quality look.

Lock systems

Lock systems The lock inserts provided as standard may be exchanged for any type of handle and for other locks. A push-button is the practical alternative for fast, key-free opening of stand-alone and wall-mounted enclosures.

Door, internal

Door, internal Supports a wide range of attachment options for the stowage and archiving of documents and the installation of display and control instruments.

Tavana/duvara sabitleme

Roof/wall mounting All requirements in the roof area of the enclosure are met to perfection with the right system accessories: crane transportation, cable entry, ventilation, roof attachments for enclosures, protective strips, accessories for pressure relief, wall and...

Rail systems

Rail systems Any given point within the frame may be accessed with rail systems. Additional mounting levels, different functions such as support rails or C rails - individual configuration knows no limits.

Assembly components

Isolator cap for screw head To isolate screw heads e.g. within the cable duct.

482.6 mm (19") Kurulum Sistemi

482.6 mm (19") installation system Swing frames, mounting angles, installation kits for mounting angles, accessories for Rittal Data Rack, slide rails, 482.6 mm (19") installation, patch panels, splicing boxes, LSA technology


Earthing Earthing materials for assembling a reliable PE conductor connection to meet the requirements of the VDE and low-voltage directives. Individual earth straps or complete systems for frame earthing or earth rails, customised to your individual enclosure...

Cable entry, modular

Cable entry, modular The modular cable gland is available in two versions: as modular plastic gland plates and as a modular sealing frame. The modular cable gland supports fully flexible cable entry, even with preassembled cables The seal inserts can be adapted individually...

Gland plates

Gland plates For cut-outs in the wall-mounted enclosures or for free mounting on surfaces. For industrial enclosures in a range of variants. For 482.6 mm (19") wall-mounted network distributors EL, optionally gland plates with brush strip or for metric cable glands.

Cable glands

Cable glands Cable glands made from polyamide, brass and stainless steel, also available in an EMC version. Cable glands are available in a high protection category of up to IP 68 / IP 69. Cable glands in a hygienic design are available for use in the food industry...

LED system light

LED system light Perfect enclosure lighting. The most innovative lighting technology, tailored to Rittal enclosures. Innovative LED technology for even more light into every corner.
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