Shark® 250 Power and Energy Meter for Utility and Critical Industrial Substations

The Shark® 250 meter is the latest addition to the Shark® Series power and energy meter line. Designed for Utility substation and critical industrial applications, it offers enhanced revenue metering features, such as on-board Time of Use, CT/PT compensation, Test Mode and Energy presets, pulse accumulators and totalizers. It has multiple serial or Ethernet ports for redundant communication, including a front panel USB port. The Shark® 250 meter has up to 128 MB memory capacity for more significant load studies, including longer storage without overwriting of data.

In addition, the meter offers a Cyber secured configuration for non-intrusive substation use, and a rugged design for harsh environments, with standard conformal coating and superior surge withstand capability. Its supported communication protocols include Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP, Level 2 DNP3, and IEC 61850.

The Shark® 250 meter is designed to be field upgradeable. When enabled, the meter will provide extensive power quality features, including the ability to measure harmonics to the 40th order. In addition, it will provide a captured waveform of voltage surges and sags; current fault events; imbalance analysis, including symmetrical components; and much more.