Interior Installation

Mounting plate for terminal boxes KX, bus enclosures KX, terminal boxes HD, Ex enclosures
For component installation outside of the enclosure. Assembly screws included as accessories with the enclosure.
Mounting clip for support rails
For fast, secure attachment of cable ducts, mounting plates, mounting angles on support rail 35/7.5 and 35/15 to EN 60 715.
Support rail TS 35/7.5 to EN 60 715
Length sized to the enclosure width.
Mounting claw for second mounting level for terminal box KX, bus enclosure KX
For fixing top hat rails directly onto the rear panel of KX terminal boxes and KX bus enclosures. Creates an additional mounting level with an extra 10 mm of installation depth without having to machine the enclosure.
Support rail TS 35/15 to EN 60 715
Length sized to the enclosure width
Earth straps
For configuring a reliable earthing connection with perfect contact: With ring terminals in M6 and M8 to match the earthing screw, length-optimised and ready to install.